Yoga Classes

Welcome to our english community

"Discover/Explore" is the theme of Yoga2day. Discovering new things, travelling the world, exploring new sports, expanding one's horizon.



I truly believe that yoga is for everybody, flexible or not, young and old. You are never too old to start with yoga. And yoga is easily implementable in your daily life. Yoga and meditation can give you inner peace, strength, relaxation and can increase your physical wellbeing. Also, your fitness and flexibility will be improved.


The regular yoga courses and yoga workshops will be held in Zürich Oerlikon. The yoga retreats/events, the yoga teacher trainings and continuing education (for yoga teachers and instructors) will be held in Switzerland (Zürich, Chur and Basel) as well as abroad (Germany, Bali).


I am fluent in English and have finished 2 yoga teacher trainings (and serveral yoga workshops) in English. In mixed (Swiss/English) classes, I teach in Swiss German with some explanations in English (pls feel free to ask!). Until now, there are no English classes in my studio - but I am open for requests.


The teacher trainings and continuing educations will be held in Swiss German - here applies the same: If there are mixed classes, I can translate in English (skripts are in German). 


As I work as a Coach, my personal ambition is a highly personal/individual mentoring - in my yoga classes as well as in the teacher trainings. That's the reason why these groups are limited to 12 persons.


I am very much looking forward to seeing you.